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Where to buy phentermine in stores ), its high cost, addictive and potentially deadly side effects (which include a host of others), its short half-life (and so long as it's taken orally and in sufficient quantities, it can kill), and especially, its lack of therapeutic value. What the FDA can and should do here is to regulate the sale, supply, and distribution of phentermine with the same attention to safety and efficacy as it would an equivalent stimulant drug like cocaine or methamphetamines. They should establish a strict schedule of dosages and durations that are considered safe and effective for individuals in terms of their ability to function and be productive not a risk to their health. This approach is likely to be difficult — some users may need to have dosages lower than the FDA requires, or have longer phentermine hcl oral tablet 37.5 mg durations for some of their daily doses, or not have a "safe" dose at all, but this has to be done at the local level for each state. The process would have to be open-ended, so if a person doesn't meet the requirements, he or she can return to the store for more, and process can start over from the very beginning. In addition, the FDA should require drugstores to be licensed pharmacists. This will not be easy to enforce, but it should be a first, reasonable step, even if they can not yet regulate this specific industry, because all Americans have the right to know for sure what they ingest on their prescription medication — and to be assured there is something they could obtain elsewhere to treat the same condition. Because there is no medical evidence that phentermine will be effective as an appetite suppressant, it should not be considered a therapeutic agent. While it's easy to see why the FDA is reluctant to tackle this issue forcefully, there are important lessons to be